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Absolutely love this cream! It is a MUST have! I’ve been using this blend for over 4 months and it 100% helps with cramps.

Once you start using it, you won’t be able to go without. It really changed my period days.

Sarah H.

It is so soothing and helping with regulating your cycle and preventing and helping period cramps and bloating that comes with it.

Highly recommend! Great and friendly customer service also. Happily suprised.

Jennifer M.

I can tell you this cream saved my life during periods. I've been thinking what I can use instead of ibuprofen and other pain killers for menstrual cramps, as I didn't want to rely on those every month for a week.

I gave this product a try and found that it relieved my discomfort in no time. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this cream. And the shipping was fast. 5/5!

Alma O.

Absolutely love this cream! There are a LOT of creams out there for menstrual cramps, some of them are okay, some of them do not work at all. So I was sceptic while buying this one. But the pain and cramping was unbearable, so I said what can I lose? And boy glad I took the chance! This cream is the only one that worked for me so far! ZERO cramping! Zero pain! But the next month I slacked a bit and didn't used the cream as much. Pain and cramping came back. So girls be persistant with the cream and it will pay off. Happy days! :)

Lea V.

Suffered for years with severe cramps and missed a lot of classes in school because of it, but this cream helps me a lot! Im so happy I've gave it a shot and tried it! Can't be without it now!

Connie S.